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If you are interested in one of our junk removal services, please contact us for a free estimate over the phone!

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We offer same/next day appointments and junk removal on-the-spot.

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Unlike other removers with their hidden fees & disposal charges, our pricing is 100% upfront


If your items still have life, we’ll take them to the nearest charity or recycling depot.

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About Us

Junk Removal Express Surrey

You don’t have to be an expert to hire us. We’re the best junk removal services you’ll find in new Westminister , Delta, langley, Surrey & White Rock. All you have to do is call.
Our loads are 30% BIGGER than our COMPETITION, No extra charge for visitations in evenings and weekends, a great rate with a free phone estimate. No games and no hidden charges. Friendly, dependable,and professional.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Junk Removal Express Surrey

Getting rid of all your junk when you’re busy is a pain. And everyone has different priorities – like running a business or raising kids.

Express junk removal takes care of everything for you – from loading up, transporting and disposal – all for one simple price. And here’s the best bit; we come to you! That’s right, we come to your home when it suits you – be it Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoon or even Saturday morning. All our trucks are ready.

Our Junk Removal Surrey Services

Junk Removal Surrey is your local refuse and waste specialist in Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Cloverdale, Langley and the rest of The Lower Mainland. Not only are we committed to providing fast, reliable and affordable junk removal services in Surrey, but we are also committed to protecting our environment through offering our recycling services.

We here at Junk Removal Surrey are committed to keeping Surrey BC clean and can help by offering commercial junk removal, household waste disposal and disposal of waste materials of any size, load or confined space. Whether you need waste collection and recycling services for your home, office, construction site or retail store, Junk Removal Surrey provides fast, reliable and professional waste collection services for your convenience. We are fully insured, licensed junk removal professionals, happy to take the burden off your mind with unmatched junk removal services in Surrey. Our junk removal Surrey team makes every effort to take care of removing unnecessary items and cleaning up after they have completed.

Our Junk Removal Surrey Crew

Just tell our professional team of 2 what to dispose of and they will load your household and garden waste into a large van and dispose of it responsibly for you. Once there, the Surrey Junk Removal team will be happy to remove any trash you point to.

Our professional team of 2 can remove and recycle the entire contents of your garage, or you can simply specify individual items to be removed, after your garage is cleaned and tidy, we will sweep and vacuum as needed. Our two person team can clean your attic, remove and recycle any unwanted items or trash and debris after cleaning, we will lightly vacuum leaving your attic as good as new.

Whether it’s furniture removal, sofa removal, or just the trash in your garage, we can help in Surrey, BC with all your Surrey junk removal needs. Unlike other junk removal companies in Surrey, BC, we recognise the importance of routine activities such as backyard waste removal as part of providing a junk removal Surrey service. Trash Removal can remove, recycle, transport and, in some cases, recycle just about any item you need to remove from your space.

Junk Removal Surrey prides itself on being environmentally friendly, so rest assured that nearly all of the trash we remove from your Surrey property will be recycled. Whether the trash you need to haul is in your basement, in a suburban garage on your property, or on the second floor of an office building, we’ll come and take it out so you don’t have to waste time hauling it to roadside. Junk Removal Surrey will come to your place of work or home and remove any unnecessary or unused items you want.

Our two-person team will come to your home to provide you with an on-site quote for pickup of your bulky goods in Surrey. Our Surrey Large Item Pickup service crew will contact you with a pickup date and time. If you have a large item removal need in Surrey, we are the company you can count on to get rid of your trash without a headache or transportation on your part.

Junk Removal Surrey is Environment Friendly

If you want to get rid of garbage and also help the environment, Junk Removal Surrey is the best choice for your garbage disposal. Trust Junk Removal Express Surrey for your trash removal and demolition services in Surrey BC. In a few minutes, the date and time for the removal of garbage and furniture from the Garbage Disposal will be set.

Junk Removal Surrey is full junk removal, rubbish removal & waste recycling service. We remove, haul and dispose of junk or trash from homes, business in surrey and white rock (604) 512-2921 ~ Surrey Mobile garbage collection is when you hire junk companies to pick up trash left outside of your home. For trash pickup, trash removal, recycling, construction site cleaning, renovation cleanup, yard trash removal and cleanup, and property cleaning services, contact us for a free and no-obligation quote. If you would like a free quote for your landscape trash removal or green waste removal from a friendly and professional team member at Junk Removal Express Surrey, call now.

Junk Removal Surrey’s fast, friendly and reliable service, combined with our mission to be the #1 disposal and recycling company, makes us the most trusted waste disposal company. Waste collection focuses on flexibility and quality aspects of waste disposal.

We Also Offer Commercial Junk Removal in Surrey

Whether you’re moving to another office to prepare for your move to a new home, our team of professional rubbish removal professionals can handle all of the heavy lifting and recycling work that usually comes with cleaning your messy space. Our skilled and highly trained staff can move heavy furniture, handle trash removal jobs, appraise resale items, collect residential trash, perform standard hotel cleaning, and give instructions on how to resell unwanted items. Our courteous and punctual team is available seven days a week to responsibly clean up and dispose of your unwanted items, rubbish and trash such as office furniture, shop equipment, electrical items, rubbish and trash. Our friendly junk removal team can provide Surrey households and service managers with guidance on the proper selection of all types of trash, trash and cleaning items for responsible and ethical waste disposal.

Contact Junk removal Express Surrey today for a variety of professional rubbish removal services in Surrey and throughout the Lower Mainland. Junk Removal Surrey can offer same-day or next-day trash pickup services in Surrey.

30 % Bigger Trucks

It’s a pretty obvious observation that longer trailers are more efficient at freight. Right?

Professional Team

When it comes to professional teams we are now in different regions of the world.

Fast Workers

If you are interested in one of our junk removal services, please contact us for a free estimate over the phone!

Eco Friendly

It is important to do one’s part in keeping the environment as clean
As possible and that’s what we do

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We are a certified junk removal company


We recycle for a better future by providing contractors with industrial junk removal & recycling solutions that help turn old junk into new and functional items.


We provide quality junk removal service in a timely and friendly manner. We specialize in removing from retail stores, apartments, houses, offices and even single items.


The Express junk removal experts  are pleased to offer you friendly, reliable service so you can get back home to your life. We clean up garage, attic, basement, yard, and other debris


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