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Junk Removal Surrey are a responsible, rubbish clearance and junk clearance collection service. We can have all your rubbish cleared anywhere in New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, White Rock and Delta on the same day, or on a scheduled junk clearance collection that suits you.

Surrey Rubbish removal in focuses on removing, disposing and recycling rubbish for commercial or residential customers. Junk Removal Surrey can help stop the spread of junk and get rid of the clutter with cost effective junk removal service professionals in Surrey today!

We also work our hardest to try and recycle furniture. There is lots of wood, metal, and other recyclable materials inside furniture removal.

for instance,

Besides If you have a house full of junk, or a flat that needs to be cleared, we will send a truck rubbish clearance team to collect all of your junk.

What Do We Collect?

Every item that can be reused in any way is recycled by our company. Furthermore Our goal is to be as environmentally friendly as possible and as such we are able to recycle up to 80% of every single load we take etc..  All recyclable materials are transported to the proper recycling facilities items that are kept out of the city landfill.

Moreover We collect a wide range of waste from old bathtubs, sinks, kitchen cabinets and rubbish after home renovations & Our rates have not changed since we started. In the same way More junk recycled means less ends up in a dump.

Contact Us:  604-512-2921

Not only-but also Junk Removal – Friendly Service, Great Rates, Same Day Removal, and up to 80% of your load is recycled.

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