Junk Removal and Furniture Disposal in Surrey and White Rock

JUNK AND FURNITURE REMOVAL FOR 156th Street and 28th Avenue in Surrey


Our team did a great job today by removing a lot of furniture and other items that were cluttering up the intersection of 156th Street and 28th Avenue in Surrey, BC.

It was a tough job, but we were able to handle it well. We removed a lot of cardboard boxes, old computer equipment, wood, and other types of garbage. We were also able to remove the old carpet, laminate flooring, and hardwood floors. Overall, we are very proud of the work we did and we hope it has made a positive difference in the area.

Commercial and residential
Appliance and electronic recycling
Carpet, flooring and siding removal
Kitchen cabinets and bathroom removal
Light renovation debris disposal services
Cardboard, styrofoam and plastic wrappings recycling
Mattress, box spring, sofa and couch disposal.

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