Scrap Metal Removal

Scrap Metal Removal


Scrap Metal Removal have been helping customers get clear their homes and gardens of unwanted
metal and general rubbish! if you have a lot of scrap metal to get rid ! we remove all of your unwanted metal items, our service is for the Commercial or Building trade who need a large clearance of scrap metal items!

Scrap Metal Removal service

 Scrap Metal Removal is great If you are clearing out any type of building, Office, Shop, Pub, Restaurant, Hotel or any kind of premises. Its also great for Building Sites to save on costs of Recycling.
we take away all types of Scrap Waste Metal waste, Everything we take away gets fully recycled or re used again for its original purpose keeping as much out of landfill sites as possible.
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Scrap Metal Removal Removal Express  aim is to make the world a greener place which is why we aim to reuse and recycle as much as possible sending as little to landfill as we can. 

Scrap Metal Removal Removal Express loads are 20% BIGGER than our COMPETITION , No extra charge for visitations in evenings and weekends,  a great rate with a free phone estimate. No games and no hidden charges. Friendly, dependable, and professional 

Scrap Metal Removal Removal Express  services are affordable and are on a professional level comparable to any other 1 800 junk company out there. The difference is only in our fees. You will find our junk removal fees to be up to 50% cheaper than most 1 800 junk companies

 Contact Us:  604-512-2921 

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Junk Disposal

Junk Disposal

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Junk Disposal express and Junk Disposal are an environmentally friendly, Junk Disposal and rubbish clearance company that gives you a low-cost alternative to skip hire. We are a fully licensed rubbish removal! Junk removal and disposal removal company and can remove any junk.

You can put in your trust in us to get the job done right with our transparent pricing and value for money service.Junk removal express and Junk Disposal your number one choice for rubbish removal.

What We Take

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No extra charge for visitations in evenings and weekends, a great rate with a free phone estimate. No games and no hidden charges. Friendly, dependable and professional  

Contact Us:     604-512-2921

Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley, White Rock and Delta

Rubbish dispsal junk

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