Recycling Junk 

Recycling Junk

Recycling Junk  aim is to make the world a greener place which is why we aim to re use and recycle as much as possible sending as little to landfill as we can.

it is quite a challenging task to pick the right junkyard. So once you start taking fruit bio you are going to want to change the way you eat, NO more processed foods no more eating fast food, no more soda and no JUNK.

The parts that can be reused are sold to the dealers and the parts that are of no use are sent to the recycling.

We load the Larger and flatter items first and then fill up the voids with smaller items. When we say a full trailer load we mean full. ( soil, concrete, shingles and tile carry special bed load pricing )

Recycling Junk 

Feel Good

Feel good about supporting a company that cares about the community and is socially responsible. You pay based on your needs – We always give you an upfront estimate before we remove anything. You can count on our professional, and timely service.

There’s no guess work. You won’t be hit with extra costs later. We remove almost anything from almost anywhere? Whether is furniture in the garage or renovations debris in the yard, load of rubbish-Junk can do all the work!

You can count on our professional, and timely service.

Junk Removal Express loads are 20% BIGGER than our COMPETITION , No extra charge for visitations in evenings and weekends,  a great rate with a free phone estimate. No games and no hidden charges. Friendly, dependable, and professional.

Services are affordable and are on a professional level comparable to any other 1 800 junk company out there. The difference is only in our fees. You will find our Rubbish removal fees to be up to 50% cheaper than most 1 800 junk companies.

 Contact Us:  604-512-2921    

Recycling Junk 

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