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Mattress Recycling- Mattress Removal – Mattress Disposal are the most common items put out for council collections.On average people change their mattress every 10 years.Each year in Canada around 1.25 million mattresses end up in landfill.An average mattress contains 12.5kg of steel, 2kg of wood and 1.5kg of foam – components Soft Landing separates for recycling, in the process diverting thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill each year.

 You may be concerned about the cost to Mattress Recycling- Mattress removal – Mattress Disposal or an office or just the charge for an old mattress removal. There are some very reasonable furniture removal rates out there. Professionals can provide you with a timely, safe service. The cost will actually seem to you after an expert moves your furniture safely versus the expense and hassle to replace an item you break while trying to move it yourself. Even worse would be a situation where you break an irreplaceable item or hurt yourself or someone else seriously. 1ssd

When You Decide That It Is Time To Mattress Recycling

Mattress Recycling- Mattress Removal – Mattress Disposal When you decide that it is time to Mattress Recycling, you should contact all local recycling agencies (listed above) to see what their procedures are in terms ofMattress removal – Mattress Disposal. If they do not accept mattresses, they may know someone else that does. If you cannot find a local recycling center , you should contact a local mattress or furniture store to see if they will accept the mattress or if they have any advice as to where you could take it to recycle it. If the store accepts the mattress, make sure that they are not going to just dispose of the mattress by taking it to a landfill.

After picking out your new mattress, your next call should be to junk removal express. These are the folks that are going to take the hassle out of Mattress removal – Mattress Disposal. They’ll provide the crew and the truck to get the job done. In that same trip the junk removal express crew will also be able to remove any other oversized item you want to finally toss out. Dont wait another day for a good night’s sleep or to get rid of your junk!

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 Contact Us:  604-512-2921 

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