Junk Removal South Surrey Our rates includes all labour, vehicle expenses, and recycling/disposal fees. Our prices are based on volume. This means that whatever space your items fill in our truck is the amount you will be charged for.

Why not just rent a bin?

Junk Removal South Surrey, With renting a bin you have to know beforehand or you may pay for the wrong size! Small Junk Removal Surrey can also take items which are not allowed in a bin such as fridges, TVs, tins and paint. Plus at Small Junk Removal Surrey will do the loading for you, not to mention no need for costly parking permits and suspensions.

We are unable to remove hazardous items such as, toxic chemicals, solvents, asbestos, gasoline, and any other toxic substances. If you’re unsure>!!

Affordable Pricing

Junk Removal South Surrey
 Junk Removal South Surrey We charge according to the volume your items fill in our truck, but promise to offer most reasonable rates on the market.

Free Estimate

 Junk Removal South Surrey Have a question or unsure about pricing. Call us Small Junk Removal Surrey or text us a picture and we will be sure to provide you with a detailed cost estimate.

Same Day Removal

Junk Removal South Surrey Available 7 days a week, we are prepared for short notice removal services. please 604-512-2921 Call for same day disposal.

Responsible Disposal  

 We work hard to help reduce landfill buildup & wherever possible, we recycle or donate items to charity if in good condition,.!

We provide FREE upfront quote !

Junk Removal South Surrey We are Small local neighbourly junk removal company! Same day junk removal company, and no obligation estimate on site, with no hidden fees, you simply can’t go wrong!. Let us take care of all your needs, from household junk removal & furniture removal!


  • Scrap Wood Recycling  junk removal south surrey
  • Fence Removal
  • Flooring Removal
  • Carpet Removal
  • Counter Top Removal


  • junk removal south surrey Household Removal
  • Garage Removal Clean out
  • Hoarder Removal Clean out
  • Attic Removal Cleanout
  • Garbage Removal
  • Small Junk Removal Surrey


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