Electronics Removal TV Disposal

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Electronics Removal TV Disposal – Electronics can be heavy to carry and dangerous to haul on your own. That’s why, at https://junkremovalexpress.ca/ , our professionally trained teams are the best choice for electronics removal and recycling.

TV recycling and disposal made easy. Whether as part of a general clearance or as a specific collection, our on-demand TV recycling service covers the removal of televisions from anywhere on the premises and disposal at authorized  treatment facilities for reuse, refurbishment or recycling!

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Other items

such as lamps, torches, vacuum cleaners, telephones, mobiles, radios, TV’s, printers, camcorders, cameras and smoke alarms.

For larger electrical items like fridges, freezers and washing  machines and Alarm clocks; CD/DVD/Cassette players and game consoles; small kitchen appliances such as kettles, toasters.

food mixers and blenders, microwave ovens; personal grooming products like hairdryers, straighteners, curling tongs, electric toothbrushes and shavers; garden tools such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers,

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