Drywall Removal & Drywall Disposal Our office staff will be happy to go over the details of the process and calculate an estimate for you. 😃

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YES, we do dispose of drywall  Our Drywall Removal  is here to save the day!

Due to concern of Asbestos, all drywall that we take must have a date stamp. If the date on the drywall is post 1990’s that’s enough information for us to haul it away! Although if the date on the drywall is before the year 1990, it will have to be tested prior to removal.

Are you doing a renovation, building a house or demolishing an old one?  Are you in the process of completing some renovations to remove the drywall ? Looking for Drywall Recycling & Disposal?

Have some drywall that you need to see out of your house!  Looking for some drywall Disposal

information?!  We are here Taking care of all your drywall disposal needs.

Drywall Recycling

For Drywall Recycling & Drywall Removal the Drywall must be date stamped showing 1990 or newer, or pre 1990 must be accompanied by a testing report from an approved facility that shows it to be free and clear of asbestos.

All Drywall Disposal need to provide proof of the origin of the drywall or have it tested before we can take it, especially if it’s in an older house.  Drywall, made mostly of gypsum, recycled drywall board, and paper, Drywall is recyclable.


All inclusive drywall removal service in Surrey  we remove, load & haul the drywall away .

The drywall removal cost is dependent on amount and type of drywall.  We will  handle the disposal of drywall as it is expensive to recycle and time consuming,  All drywall pickup prices include lifting, loading and disposal.

The Drywall we take!

-Drywall containing paint, wallpaper, plaster, drywall nails and drywall screws

-New sheets of drywall or Drywall scraps.

Types of Drywall that we don’t take:

-The Drywall with other miscellaneous,(( materials wiring, outlets, tiles, wood)).

-Any Drywall with asbestos.

-That Drywall containing garbage.

If you are interested in one of our Drywall Removal Services, Please contact us for a free estimate over the phoneOur office staff will be happy to go over the details of the process and calculate an estimate for you. 😃

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