Debris Removal

DEBRIS REMOVAL Not all so-called junk removal experts know how to deal with debris removal. Dealing with debris infers knowing how to deal with local regulations as well as picking junk up properly.

The professionals at Express take pride in doing the job right in making their customers happy. We have been working in the junk for many years and know how to deal with local junk regulations on debris disposal. They also know how to go in and quickly clean up junk/ Rubbish.

Over the years

Rubbish Removal Surrey team has seen just about everything so this pile of debris was no different. If you have done a demo project and you have a pile of junk to be removed give us a call at 604-512-2921 for your free estimate.

Our junk removal team not only does debris but everything else from mattress removal to hot tub removal. If you can’t place it at the curb and it’s in your way we will come remove the headache for you fast and easy!


Junk Removal Express Surrey

Trash Removal Express team went out to a property today where the previous tenant had left some unusual debris. The tenant apparently had a mirror business at one time and had stacked massive piles of unsold mirrors in the back area of this five acre property he had owned.

Many times, they can do the service the same day or next day as needed by their client. The great customer service and even better prices are why so many contractors use their services repeatedly.


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