Spring Junk Removal

Spring Junk Removal

Spring Junk Removal , Are you moving, doing spring cleaning or home renovations?

We will help you get rid of old rubbish & any junk, unwanted furniture, appliances or construction debris to free up some space. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your home Spring Junk Removal, business Spring Junk Removal, office Spring Junk Removal or retail locations sites. We’re there when you need us! Our Spring Junk Removal remove & haul Away all JUNK!

Yard Waste Hauling
Foreclosure Trash Out
Estate Clean outs
Trash & Garbage Removal
Commercial Appliance Removal

Spring Junk Removal
Entire household Clean Out
Furniture & Appliance Removal
Garage Clean Out
Rubbish Removal
Hoarder Clean Up Service
Light Demolition & Debris Removal
Fire Damage Cleanup
Office Furniture Removal
And more. . .. and best of all, we will do it on-time and on-budget!

Spring Junk Removal full-service Junk Removal company based in Surrey, BC. We are passionate about the environment, dedicated to our customers.

Let us help you with taking your junk out and freeing up some space in your home or business, and you will not be disappointed.


We accept major credit cards & cash, No Junk. No hidden fees. No hassle.
Our professional team is happy to meet all of your junk hauling needs! Once you say the word, we’ll haul everything away from wherever the items are located and finish by cleaning up the area. Plus, we recycle and donate your junk whenever possible.
junkremovalexpress.ca Our services are affordable and the rates are tailored to your specific needs. The price you will pay will depend on the space your junk takes in our truck, and also will depend on where it is located. If your junk is within easy reach (curb-side, garage, ground floor), that means we will get the job done faster and will be out of sight quicker. In this case you will pay preferential rate! Our prices are all-inclusive and (labour and disposal fees, vehicle expenses and insurance).!

Junk Removal – Flat Rate

Our website 


Call us today for Free Estimates 604-512-2921 ,

No Hidden Fees.

No Fuel Charges.

Flat rate.

We Provide a “tax invoice”

No Delays.

Same day | Short Notice Junk removal service 7 days a week. We do all the loading . We take Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!

No extra charge for visitations in evenings and weekends, a great rate with a free phone estimate. Friendly & dependable.

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Mattress Remove – Box spring Remove – Sofa Remove – Old Furniture Removal

Mattress Remove – Box spring Remove – Sofa Remove – Old Furniture Removal

What we can collect

Before organizing your collection please check that: All the goods are in good condition, clean and complete, and that they work correctly . All upholstered furniture has a fire label attached. For sets, ie a three piece suite, each individual item must have its own fire label.

Will move or remove any item(s) at a great rate with a free phone estimate. No games and no hidden charges. Friendly, dependable,and professional. Call junk removal express today! Perfect for anyone buying or selling furniture on Craigslist or from retail outlets such as couches, sofas, love seats, mattresses, box springs, beds, tables, etc. Much cheaper rates than IKEA, The Brick, Sears, Zellers or wherever. Last Minute Single Item Deliveries!.




can have a long life but it’s not timeless. If the moment to say goodbye to your old furniture has come, then you will be happy to find out http://junkremovalexpress.ca/tag/langley/ offers cheap furniture disposal. Call us today and book services for your home or business we are ready to help you no matter the size and number of furniture and Mattress Box spring Sofa Old Furniture Removal pieces you want gone!

No extra charge for visitations in evenings and weekends, a great rate with a free phone estimate. No games and no hidden charges. Friendly, dependable,and professional 

 Contact Us:  http://junkremovalexpress.ca/     604-512-2921

Junk Removal Express  

 aim is to make the world a greener place which is why we aim to re use and recycle as much as possible sending as little to landfill as we can. 

Junk Removal Express loads are 20% BIGGER than our COMPETITION , No extra charge for visitations in evenings and weekends,  a great rate with a free phone estimate. No games and no hidden charges. Friendly, dependable,and professional 

Junk Removal Express  services are affordable and are on a professional level comparable to any other 1 800 junk company out there. The difference is only in our fees. You will find our junk removal fees for Burnaby to be up to 50% cheaper than most 1 800 junk companies

 Contact Us:  604-512-2921



Burnaby, new westminster, Surrey, Langley, White Rock and Delta

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